Inray has been a leading provider of industrial software - MES/SCADA, LIMS, MDA and PDA systems for over 20 years. Its key services include consulting, project planning and implementation, and training. It provides complete implementation of MDA and PDA projects, from start to finish.

FOXON s.r.o. has been representing Inray since 2019 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

OPC Router

The OPC Router software program is Inray's flagship product. Use it to interconnect different OT and IT systems. You can do it quickly and without programming knowledge. You can then see all data flows in a clear visualization.

For example, you can connect PLC control systems, OPC servers, printers, RFID readers, e-mail, databases, SAP R3 and SAP HANA, etc.

The OPC Router is designed as a modular system consisting of a basic module (core in the middle) and plug-in modules (around). For installation on one computer you need the core module and at least one plug-in module.


KEPServerEX is a communication software platform that enables the collection of data from many different industrial automation control systems. It converts all data into a single OPC and/or MQTT communication protocol and can then store this standardized data in a database and provide it to higher-level applications for further processing.
FOXON has been the sole official distributor of KEPServerEX for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary since 2006.


As the topic of data processing with KEPServerEX is very complex, we have prepared a separate website about it, take a look.

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