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Energy Consumption in Industry? Monitor It with Power BI

For many companies, monitoring electric power consumption and the consumption of other commodities is a burning need. Using Power BI (included in Microsoft Office 365), we have prepared demo dashboards for you that will give you an idea of how to analyse consumption retrospectively as well as almost in real time. The demo can also help you understand how to analyse your own data.

For the purpose of this demo, we have created a production company with 4 factory buildings (A, B, C and D) and a total of 10 machines (Machine 1–10). We are collecting energy consumption data from each of these machines, storing it in a database and structuring it appropriately in this database for Microsoft Power BI reporting.

The Power BI demo covers the consumption of the four most frequently monitored commodities – electric power, natural gas, compressed air and heat. The basic dashboard (Přehled spotřeb = Consumption Overview) shows the consumption of all the four commodities over a selected period of time – here, for example, from 1st to 10th October 2022.


fbi energie blog obr2

Drill down into data to get the level of detail needed

Information on each of the four commodities is prepared in such a way that you can monitor consumption in a given factory building and drill down to view the level of detail needed with regard to a given machine and time period. This enables you to discover leaks or increased consumption and prevent energy wastage.

Why has there been an increase in electric power consumption?

Here is a scenario that will help you understand what information you can get from graphs and reports.

In the demo, the Electric Power Consumption tile on the Consumption Overview (= Přehled spotřeb) screen shows much higher consumption (320 MWh) than expected on 9th October 2022. You know that it is too high, but you do not know why.


gif 1


Let us take a closer look at that particular day. A more detailed graph shows that the peak occurred in factory building B.


gif 2


In this building, you will find three machines.


gif 3


When you keep drilling down, you will learn that the main problem occurred on Machine 5 at about 8 pm.


gif 4


Now you know where to go and who to ask about what might have happened so that you can deal with it and prevent it in the future.

We will customise reports for you

Apart from the demo, we would like to show you a customised report that one of our customers asked us to create.

At this customer's plant they needed to analyse energy consumption retrospectively as well as in real-time so that those responsible could respond immediately.

The graph below shows planned energy consumption per day (marked by green). The red triangles represent actual energy consumption, updated every 10 seconds.

Maintenance staff can thus instantly see how much energy has been consumed and optimise the consumption so that the daily limit is not exceeded.


fbi energie blog obr1

Integrate your own data with such reports and see the full picture

You can easily take advantage of what you have seen above if you integrate your own energy consumption data with a database. Contact the FOXON Sales Representative for your region, and they will be happy to talk to you about your needs.

Not monitoring energy consumption yet? Never mind. We can help you install the hardware and software necessary for collecting energy consumption data and storing it in your own database.

Learn to work with Power BI

If you find it hard to understand our demo or would like to make the best use of Power BI in your production company, please contact us to arrange Business Intelligence training. We will be happy to show you how to work with this tool and take full advantage of it.

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