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In this category, you'll find:

  • the best products for remote access, which will enable you to connect to PLCs, HMIs and PCs,
  • LTE routers for wireless Internet access,
  • and other devices.

Apart from hardware, this category also includes software for remote access, tools for data and alarm synchronization, and much more.

Our product offerings for remote access:

eWON Routers

Products from the company eWON aim to break down the barriers between industrial applications and IT standards, securely connect industrial machines to the Internet, and enable easy remote access and the collection of all kinds of technical data from industrial machines.

Routers provide reliable remote access for PLC control systems, operator panels and computers. For remote access, they use a highly secure network – Talk2M. It allows for a control program to be modified remotely. It also enables you to carry out machine condition monitoring, access important data, connect to a web camera, and provides online visualization of your production line. Routers can also be connected to such accessories as IP webcams and so on. eWON products also include VPN devices and other software tools.

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    • You can use eWON solutions for:

      • remote access to a production line via the Internet,
      • continuous collection of data from remote sites and its transfer to a PC,
      • local collection of data from PLCs and its transfer to such higher systems as MES/ERP,
      • production line data visualization in a web browser,
      • production line data storage in the router's internal memory,
      • monitoring production lines via the router's alarm system (SMS text/email).
      EWON COSY 131

      EWON COSY 131

      EWON COSY 141

      EWON COSY 141



      EWON FLEXY 205

      EWON FLEXY 205

    Teltonika LTE Routers

    Industrial LTE routers from the company Teltonika enable easy wireless Internet access. They use various technologies – 4G, LTE, 3G and WiFi. You can choose from several routers – a simple router with 1 SIM card slot and 2 Ethernet ports, or more powerful routers with 2 SIM card slots and 4 Ethernet ports, or a router designed specifically for the automotive industry.

    We also offer router accessories – e.g. DIN mounting adapters.

    Routers / AP


    Ethernet is one of the most common communication types in the world, which is used to connect two computers, data servers, and such devices as IP web cameras, PLC systems, etc. This communication type doesn't only rely on metallic and fibre optic cables, but can also be transmitted wirelessly.

    In the field of high-quality WiFi/Ethernet communications, we distribute products by the companies Kyland, and ACKSYS Communication & Systems. Both companies design and manufacture industrial data communication solutions (WLAN/LAN/serial). Their expertise and high-quality standards allow for their systems to be used in transporation (rail and road), industry (SCADA, automation), aviation, and for environmental applications.

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    • ACKSYS products feature:

      • reliability and durability – products are designed for use in extreme environments (high temperatures, high humidity, shockproof, vibration-resistant, etc.); every single product is tested to ensure maximum durability;
      • long life – 10 years on average; ACKSYS also designs its products, which includes developing solutions compatible with existing ones;
      • customization – ACKSYS strives to meet customers' needs and help them during every stage of their project.


    Code: EC61330
    357.60 € (tax excl.)

    Code: GSM-ANT-DUAL II.
    11.00 € (tax excl.)

    Code: STK205
    415.00 € (tax excl.)

    Code: RUT955
    207.00 € (tax excl.)


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