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Industrial Monitors, Panel PCs and Tablets

In this category, you'll find industrial panel PCs and tablets from the German company ICO. Their ruggedness and high durability make them an ideal solution for deployment in harsh conditions.

We also offer TFT monitors as a replacement for old CRT monitors from most CNC machine and monitor manufacturers. Finally, we also sell a video converter for converting the RGB, CGA, EGA and MDA formats into VGA/SVGA.

Our product offerings:

Panel PCs

We sell devices from the German company ICO (Innovative Computer Gmbh), which specialises in manufacturing industrial panel PCs, computers and tablets. The devices are resistant to temperature fluctuations and vibrations. They're also protected against dust and moisture and support all common interfaces.


    The industrial tablets we sell are also from the German company ICO (Innovative Computer Gmbh). They support common operating systems, such as Android and Windows (depending on model). They're different from standard Windows and Android devices in that they withstand harsh industrial conditions – temperature fluctuations, vibrations, high humidity and dust.

    Monitors and Video Converter

    Do you need to replace your old CRT monitor?
    We offer fully compatible replacement TFT monitors to replace obsolete CRT monitors from most leading CNC machine and monitor manufacturers. TFT monitors feature the same electromechanical connection, so you only need to remove the old monitor and install the new one in its place.

    RGB/TTL to VGA video converter
    The converter converts the RGB, CGA, EGA and MDA video signals into the VGA/SVGA format. You'll plug the source of the RGB video signal into the converter's input port and an industrial or standard VGA/SVGA monitor into the converter's output port. The converter is suitable for replacing obsolete RGB monitors with new modern displays.

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    • If your original RGB monitor in your CNC machine doesn't work, there are three ways to replace it:

      1. You can buy the same monitor from the manufacturer. However, this is usually the most expensive option, with a long delivery time. Sometimes the monitor isn't sold by the manufacturer anymore. You'll replace your old monitor with a new one of the same type, which will have the same dimensions, weight, will produce the same amount of heat and whose image will have limited setting options.

      2. You can buy a TFT monitor which is a fully compatible substitute for your old CRT monitor. Its advantages include a short delivery time, lower price than the original monitor, full video/electrical/mechanical compatibility with your old monitor and better picture setting options. In addition, it produces less heat and is lighter than your old monitor.

      Although we offer a wide choice of TFT monitors for the most common CNC machines / RGB screens, we may not stock the monitor for your particular machine. If you'd like us to find the right substitute for you, we need you to send us your monitor's and machine's numbers, and ideally, photos of your old monitor.

      3. You can buy an RGB to VGA video monitor or converter, connect it to your video card's video output and display the picture on any VGA monitor. Its main advantages include a good price and availability. However, in our experience, there's only a 50% chance you'll get a high-quality signal conversion. For the conversion to be a success, the converter has to be able to process the particular type of picture synchronisation, picture resolution and V/H picture frequency.

      Actually, there isn't a converter on the market now that would support all possible video formats. The information from the manufacturer about a particular converter / monitor always includes supported video formats. Nevertheless, we recommend using the method of trial and error here. We'll lend you the requested converter or monitor, and you'll see if the conversion works or not.


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