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Wireless sensors are the perfect solution when you need to collect data from inaccessible sites. They're also suitable for applications where continuous data collection isn't necessary.

Sensors can easily be stuck or bolted wherever you need. They're powered by a battery, which can last up to several years depending on the frequency of data collection and the surrounding conditions. Data is transmitted to and stored in a gateway using a frequency of 868 MHz, or communicated to higher systems or the cloud. You can also use sensors with the WiFi interface, and connect them to your existing WiFi network.

Apart from various types of sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, humidity, voltage and electric current, we also offer sensors of various communication types, sizes, and with different battery life.

Our product offerings for wireless data collection:

Monnit sensors for wireless data collection

The US company Monnit offers wireless solutions for collecting data from more than 50 types of wireless sensors. Data can be transmitted to, processed and stored in the company's Internet portal, or your own PC.

At the end of 2015, Monnit was recognized as a Top 50 Leading IoT Solutions Provider, together with such companies as Amazon, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Google.

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      Wireless sensors transmit data using the frequencies of 868 MHz, and WiFi 2.4 GHz. They're powered by a battery, which can last from 1 to 5 years (depending on model) at 1 hour heartbeat.

      • Mini – the smallest and cheapest sensor type, powered by a 3 V coin cell battery,
      • AA – a box-type design, powered by two 1.5 V AA sized batteries,
      • Industrial –a  robust box with the IP66 code, powered by a single 3.6 V battery/2500 mAh,
      • WiFi – the sensor transmits data to the WiFi network; powered by two 1.5 V AA sized batteries.

      Monnit solutions provide:

      • over 50 types of wireless barrier sensors,
      • data transmission using a frequency of 868 MHz,
      • transmitted data include information about the measured value and battery status,
      • transmission of data from sensors to a gateway at a range of up to 200 m,
      • Ethernet as well as 3G gateway,
      • cloud iMonnit portal for processing data in your PC or in the cloud.

    Monnit Gateway and CloudGate

    Monnit Gateway – Monnit wireless sensors transmit data to a gateway, using a frequency of 868 MHz, and then it's further transmitted to the iMonnit portal. Depending on the way the data is transmitted to the portal, we offer these transmission types:

    • 3G gateway – sensor data is transmitted to the iMonnit cloud portal via a data SIM card.
    • Ethernet gateway – sensor data is transmitted to the iMonnit cloud portal via Ethernet, or can be stored on a local server in the Ethernet network.
    • USB gateway – sensor data is transmitted to the iMonnit cloud portal or a local server via a USB dongle plugged into the PC (for the cloud portal transmission the PC has to have an active Internet connection).
    • WiFi sensors – data is transmitted to the iMonnit cloud portal or a local server via an existing WiFi network connection (the sensor also acts as a gateway).

    CloudGate – is an intelligent 3G/LTE/Ethernet IoT gateway that connects devices with M2M applications. Simply connect a device via the most popular interfaces or a plug-in module which you've designed and created yourself.

    CloudGate processes data in its own cloud system, in third-party applications, or via an SDK library in your software.

    iMonnit portal

    The iMonnit portal runs either in the cloud or on a local PC. In the portal, you can connect and configure sensors, set parameters, data transmission intervals, thresholds for alerts, email/SMS text contents and their recipients. 

    Depending on the installation site and the system's performance, we offer these iMonnit portal types:

    • iMonnit Basic (free),
    • iMonnit Enterprise,
    • iMonnit Expres,
    • iMonnit Premiere,
    • iMonnit Mine.


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