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What Can Be Repaired

In manufacturing, every minute lost due to a broken component translates into a massive profit loss. When a breakdown occurs, you quickly need to call someone who repairs your broken part fast and reliably.

Repairing it is usually simpler and cheaper than buying a new part, especially with end-of-life production lines and machines that are not supported by manufacturers anymore. FOXON is here to help you with any of your parts repairs needs.

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    Why Choose FOXON for Parts Repairs?

    kvalitní testování a záruka až 2 roky | FOXON

    Thorough testing and up to 2 years of warranty

    Our reliable repairs are the result of vast experience, the use of modern facilities and rigorous testing.


    Expresní opravy a opravy výměnou | FOXON

    Urgent repairs and Repair by Exchange

    If the matter is pressing, we can deliver. We perform urgent repairs within 1–2 weeks. You can also use our Repair by Exchange service and receive a functional, fully tested part in exchange for your faulty one – even within a few hours.


    Svoz dílů zdarma po celé ČR a SR | FOXON

    Free collection of faulty parts across Czechia and Slovakia

    We have a sales representative in each region. Call your nearest one to arrange a free collection of your faulty part and leave the rest up to us.


    The Parts Repair Process Explained

    1. Do you need to have a servo motor or another part repaired?
    2. Remember FOXON is here to repair it for you.
    3. We have sales representatives across Czechia and Slovakia.
    4. Call your nearest one to arrange a free collection of your faulty part.
    5. We will collect it as soon as possible, free of charge.
    6. We will repair and test it.
    7. We will deliver or send it back to you.
    8. Your machine will be up and running again.
    Jak oprava dílů průmyslové automatizace probíhá | FOXON
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    We Repair Various Parts, Including Those No Longer Supported by Manufacturers

    We repair modern parts as well as components of end-of-life machines and production lines that are not supported or serviced by manufacturers anymore.

    We specialise in parts from leading manufacturers, such as SIEMENS, FANUC, Allen-Bradley, Bosch Rexroth Indramat, ABB and KUKA. We also provide repairs to parts from other manufacturers.

    In addition, we sell most of the parts that we repair.

    testování funkčních dílů | UNIS Group | FOXON
    Opravy servomotorů | UNIS Group | FOXON

    Parts that we are often asked to repair:

    The parts are usually from these manufacturers:




    Schneider Electric
    Texas Instruments
    Mitsubishi Electric
    SEW Eurodrive
    Leuze electronic
    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    We specialise in end-of-life SIEMENS parts

    We repair, test and offer obsolete parts for SIMATIC S5/S7, SIMOREG, SIMODRIVE, SIMOTION, SINAMICS, SINUMERIK, TELEPERM and ISKAMATIC – i.e. power supplies, I/O modules, CPUs, communication modules, monitors, operator panels, keyboards/keypads, variable frequency drives, programming devices and more. We stock tens of thousands of obsolete parts – some of them are not sold or repaired by original manufacturers anymore.

    Oprava starších dílů SIEMENS | UNIS Group | FOXON

    A Strong Partnership with UNIS Group

    Extensive facilities and over 35 years of experience

    We perform most of our repairs in cooperation with one of the best equipped repair centres in Europe – UNIS Group in the Netherlands. What makes its repairs so outstanding?

    • Vast experience – since 1984
    • Over 41,000 repairs annually
    • A repair success rate of 95%
    • ISO9001:2000 certification
    • A large team of experts
    • State-of-the-art equipment
    • Over 35,000 different electronic components in stock
    • The most popular parts kept in stock

    The above serves as a constant reminder of the fact that UNIS Group is the best partner for industrial automation parts repairs.

    Prices given in advance and short delivery times

    Prices for repairs (except for servo motor repairs) are fixed and given to the customer before the actual repair. They amount to about 40% of the original price for the part.

    Standard repairs are carried out within 6–12 weeks, while urgent repairs take 1–2 weeks. Repair by Exchange is usually a matter of hours (available for certain parts only).

    The company FOXON s.r.o. is the exclusive authorised UNIS Group partner for Czechia and Slovakia.

    Opravy průmyslové automatizace | UNIS Group | FOXON

    Why can we afford to offer 24 months of warranty?

    Testování a opravy servoměničů | UNIS Group | FOXON

    Thorough cleaning

    Parts are first cleaned in a specialised, professional manner. Grease and grime are removed from them by means of special machines filled with cleaning fluid, using ultrasound vibrations.

    Preventive replacement of critical components

    Apart from replacing faulty components, technicians also preventively replace critical components which are susceptible to breakdown. This significantly increases the part's lifetime.

    Rigorous testing

    Parts are then thoroughly tested for several days, ideally to maximum permitted load. UNIS Group uses over 300 testing systems for a wide range of brands and part types.

    Urgent repairs within 1–2 weeks

    If you are short of time, you can pay extra and opt for an urgent repair. As these repairs are handled as a priority, your repaired part will be delivered back to you within 14 days.

    Repair by Exchange is the fastest

    Has your production stopped due to a broken part? Is a spare part nowhere to be found? Do you need to resume production as soon as possible?

    We stock thousands of the most popular standard parts – refurbished and fully tested. That is why we can dispatch them immediately. You can then send your broken part to us. But do not worry, there is no rush.

    Skladem více jak 350 000 součástek a dílů | oprava výměnou | UNIS Group | FOXON

    Opravy průmyslové automatizace | obchodní zástupci FOXON ve vašem kraji

    Sales representatives across Czechia and Slovakia

    Simply click on your region to obtain the contact details of the FOXON Sales Representative responsible for it. From then on, you will only have to call a single phone number to arrange all of your industrial automation parts repairs.

    Fast collection of faulty parts – free of charge

    Just order a repair and leave the rest up to us. We will arrange everything with the UNIS Group repair centre, including transport.

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