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We Will Show You How to Troubleshoot Problems Remotely

We have been in the remote access business since 2009, when we signed a distribution agreement with the Belgian company Ewon. At that time there were several remote access system providers on the market. However, Ewon beat each of them in many respects. Since the official start of our cooperation with Ewon we have witnessed many situations where the Ewon remote access solution delivered by us helped our customer troubleshoot a problem and put their production line back into operation.

Today many manufacturers automatically equip their machines with Ewon routers already in production, which enables them to provide faster servicing and technical support over the Internet. Nevertheless, Ewon routers boast many other capabilities. We will be happy to share them with you.


Remote access reduces the time necessary for reprogramming or repairs in the case of a machine breakdown. In the IoT age, it is no longer a convenience but a standard that saves time and money.

FOXON offers
  • Consultancy services with regard to remote access solutions
  • The design and implementation of remote access to such industrial devices as PLCs, CNCs, robots, HMI panels, etc.
  • The design and implementation of remote access via Ewon industrial routers and the Talk2M cloud platform
  • Creating and setting user access to devices, including user rights
  • Training the customer's staff and creating user guides
  • Modifications to wiring documentation
  • The design and implementation of remote access via Teltonika industrial routers
  • The development of a private VPN network, including the Teltonika routers installed, allowing for permanent remote access to Ethernet devices behind the routers

Considering getting help with remote access?

We will be happy to discuss this with you. Please feel free to contact us.

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