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Measuring Leak Tightness
in Serial Production

Glued joint leak tightness is usually checked visually – by means of the bubble test. The basic principle of the test consists of creating a pressure differential across a specific area of an object and observing bubbles formed in a liquid medium located on the low pressure side of the area or pressure boundary.

This test, however, is not suitable for serial production, as it is very time-consuming and cannot be performed automatically.

That is why we, in collaboration with the company VisionQ.cz s.r.o., have developed and launched an innovative technology – a single-purpose machine for ultrasonic diagnostics of glued joint leak tightness.

VisionQ Ultrasonic Tester

The Technology and Its Advantages

  • Leak tightness is tested by means of calibrated ultrasonic transmitters and receivers.
  • The test itself is very fast – it lasts about 20 seconds. That is why it is suitable for serial production too.
  • The operator can monitor the whole testing process and the results on the screen of the tester's control panel.
  • Test results are produced using a mathematical model. Data can also be analysed statistically and fed into production control systems.
  • The tester supports both manual and automatic modes.
  • The tester can be integrated with an automated production line and customised for cooperation with other machines, for example robots.

Areas of Application

Automotive Industry

Aerospace Industry

Construction Industry

Production of Watertight Parts

Customised Applications

FOXON offers

  • Presenting ultrasonic measuring technology and the prototype for testing leak tightness of the car's rear hatch
  • Customising the tester so that it can be used for testing a different part
  • Building the tester
  • Implementing the tester in production
  • Integrating tester data into your control system
  • Installing the tester and connecting it to your production line
  • Training your staff in using the tester
  • Creating user documentation
  • Warranty and post warranty service

Tailoring the Tester to Your Needs

Our tester is not manufactured on a production line. We always use our innovative ultrasonic measuring technology and customise the tester to the client's requirements, according to the part that will be tested and what production line machines the tester will integrate with (e.g. robots).

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    Who is behind the tester?

    The tester is developed by the company VisionQ.cz s.r.o., which designs and develops innovative industrial hardware and software solutions.

    The tester is manufactured, sold and distributed by the company FOXON s.r.o., an established supplier of products, services, training and Industry 4.0 projects to manufacturing plants. In the past few years, FOXON has become known as a systems integrator and a manufacturer of single-purpose machines.

    In 2021, VisionQ.cz was acquired by the company Intelligent automation a.s., which is also the owner of the Liberec-based company FOXON s.r.o. The acquisition has enabled Intelligent automation to significantly increase its presence in industrial automation. Drawing on its expanded state-of-the-art facilities, it has broadened its offerings of HW/SW solutions.

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    Project Manager

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