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To unlock the value of your data, it is not enough to collect it. You have to visualise it

User-friendly visualisation of live as well as historical data is a key step on your data standardisation and digitalisation journey.

Who needs to display data and why?

  • Graphs and stack lights help you monitor technological data and get a broad picture of your shop floor, which contributes to modern condition monitoring.
  • Dashboards provide your middle management with KPIs and other production-related indicators, facilitating optimisation of your operations.
  • Management reporting gives the management accurate information about their plant's effectiveness, thus helping them make strategic, actionable decisions.


The goal then is to collect and visualise your shop floor data, obtained via OPC servers or the OPC Router or wirelessly.

How to Go About It

User-friendly dashboards for basic data analysis

When you are new to data analysis, the software that will get you started is the open source Grafana program. Utilising data from your databases, it displays it in a user-friendly, graphical way, enabling you to monitor and analyse it.

Being an open source application, Grafana does not put a strain on your finances, as you do not have to buy a licence. We will help you prepare data in your database to make it available for Grafana and set up dashboards in this open-source platform. You will then have a solution tailored to your needs.

Quality reports and comprehensive BI solutions

If your management needs quality reporting and advanced data analysis, the FOXON Business Intelligence Department (FBI) is the right team to contact. Your KPIs under control and analysis of your production, technological and financial data by our experienced analytics specialists will drive your decision-making and help you identify areas to be improved.

We will prepare data for your BI dashboards and visualisations so that your management can have it at their fingertips in Power BI and other tools.

FIOT projects with customised visualisations

If you are interested in comprehensive projects that include data collection, analysis and visualisation, you will benefit from our FIOT projects (Factory Internet of Things). In close collaboration with you, we will help you digitalise your maintenance and production. We specialise in condition monitoring, OEE monitoring and developing production profiles of your machines.

Transferring your production line data and data from your existing software to the ThingWorx IoT platform, we will provide you with visualisation of your entire plant, individual shop floor areas, production lines, production values as well as relevant documentation. As FIOT projects support scalability, you can always extend your project depending on your needs.

3D digital twin

On your tablet or computer, you can have a live 3D model of your production line or machine. To some of our customers, it has proven itself as a very practical tool for their maintenance as well as management.

On your tablet or computer, the 3D Digital Twin allows you to display your asset, be it a machine, a production line or the entire shop, together with its individual parts, such as PLCs, control cabinets and stations. The 3D model includes live data, digitalised documentation, repair procedures and event history. It can interconnect with your SAP or spare parts inventory system.

The 3D model also enables you to manipulate, rotate and look into it. You can use it to train your operators or to quickly localise particular control cabinets and devices. It features an alert system that informs you of a defective device. In the case of a broken component, the 3D model will show you where exactly you can find it.

Enhance reality with live data

How does AR (Augmented Reality) work? For example, you are looking at an open control cabinet via your tablet's camera and the picture on the screen is overlaid with digital information (e.g. information about the condition of individual components or references to relevant documentation).

What is it useful for? One of the benefits that this system brings is improved maintenance response time. It enables you to identify, for instance, a faulty sensor in a machine much faster, minimising downtime.

AR can also be used for presentation and educational purposes. It allows you to virtually disassemble a physical asset and put it back together. If one of the components of your machine has broken down, a service technician can use AR to remotely give you instructions on how to replace it.

Learn how to take advantage of data analysis and reporting

Would you like to learn how to work with the Power BI software and create your own professional data visualisations for your management? Sign up for one of our FOXON Academy courses. You will find out what data is the most important for you.


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